All aspects of school's curricular and co-curricular activities are purely child centered. It is a proven fact that the children being born in this digital world are far ahead in their thinking processes and there is a paradigm shift in the trends of education over the past decade. Keeping in mind these shifting trends of education, Antony Public School offers a curriculum, which emphasizes activity oriented teaching and creates opportunities for the children to observe, explore, analyze and conclude, thus making them independent learners. Every class from Grade 1 is equipped with SMART boards incorporating the latest electronic technology. The interactive board turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment. It enriches classrooms by providing hands on collaboration and creating the perfect learning setting.



English, Hindi, Malayalam

Mathematics, EVS

Art & Craft, Music

Computer Awareness

General Knowledge

Moral Instruction

Physical & Health Education

Sree Narayana Kindergarten aims at developing the total personality of the child promoting free expression, appreciation, enjoyment and discovery. We endeavour to take account of individual needs and build on kids own skills and experiences in order for them to achieve their full potential.

Realizing that learning abilities and capabilities at different stages are diverse, children are tutored and nurtured at their level of understanding. Our kids are groomed to become self-reliant and responsible individuals. Singing, dancing and activity oriented methods for fine motor development are the motivating tools used to bring about the overall development of the child.