Mr. M George Yuvaraj.,B.E.

Chairman & Managing Director.

Chairman Message

Dear Parents,

As the founder, chairman & managing director of Joe-Lourdes Educational Trust & Antony Public school,it is indeed a profound opportunity and distinct privilege to serve in the noble cause of providing quality Education with International standards.

APS believe that an Education should not just create and mold intellectually active minds but also minds that are emotionally strong and stable to deal with all aspects of life.

APS believe in providing education that enable a child to face any challenges in life and rise above it.
In order to achieve all this APS follows a rigorous program that is based upon the best educational practices, highly Progressive and recognized world wide and one that creates conditions for students to maximize their potential at an internationally competitive level, our infrastructure, coupled with highly qualified, experienced Principal and well trained teachers will ensure that the students of APS will be able to gain enriching experience.

It is my quest in life to make high quality education available, accessible, and affordable to all people.APS will be the foundation for a new generation of leaders and innovators of 21st century.


Mr. M George Yuvaraj,

Chairman & Managing Director.